Financing & Energy Services Contracting

We’ll help you navigate the complexities of energy projects and how to pay for them

From energy savings to power purchase agreements, Trane can help you make your sustainability goals a reality

Making your facilities greener and more energy efficient sounds like a straightforward proposition, until you start digging into the details. Trane energy experts can help you make sense of the broad array of energy upgrade opportunities you have and financial strategies available to determine which approach best suits your business or sustainability goals. And then make them happen.

Energy Savings Performance Contracting (ESPC)

With a Performance Contract you can undertake significant building upgrades that improve energy efficiency – and pay for the improvements with future energy savings that are guaranteed by Trane, eliminating the need for a significant capital expense

Energy Savings Contracting

Trane’s energy experts can design and install a comprehensive energy improvement program for you – to improve your business’ overall sustainability and reduce operating costs.

Financing & Funding Options

Grants, utility rebates, performance contracts, energy services agreements, public-private partnerships– there are many ways to fund your sustainability program. Trane experts can help you select the best tool for your goals.