Energy Conservation Measures

Making energy goals attainable

Get proven, measureable, sustainable results.

Even if your building is a few years old, we can make it more energy efficient and sustainable. Building technologies are advancing rapidly and on a revolutionary scale. Trane is an accredited Energy Services Company (ESCO), solving energy problems holistically with top digital and analytical tools, engineering expertise and a full portfolio of products and services.

Building Systems Upgrades

Technology continues to evolve - as do cyber-security defenses, and IT compatibility requirements, and customers’ productivity expectations.  Trane, as a leading BAS Controls provider, remains current with latest technology trends by innovating to deliver our customers secure, compatible, and feature-rich systems. By the time a typical building is a few years old, its systems are already falling behind. Trane can maintain a high performing building by keeping building automation, HVAC, lighting and central plants up to date with the latest BAS innovations.

Energy Performance

Go beyond the basics with smart energy management tools for the long-term

HVAC Modernization

Connected building strategies, next-gen refrigerants, high-efficiency HVAC equipment, and affordable renewable energy and energy storage solutions to support electric load flexibility: it’s all happening today, and it’s how we’re making buildings significantly better.


Switching to newer LEDs? That’s one way to save. We’re also integrating lighting with HVAC controls, diffusing light more effectively—and leveraging the system to collect valuable business data for you.

Central Plant and District Cooling

Advancements in digital analytics and distributed energy resource applications like cogeneration, back up-power, photovoltaic systems and energy storage are helping central plant and district cooling operators to build and grow in a modular fashion, reduce operating costs, enable grid flexibility and be more sustainable.

Renewable Energy Solutions

Generating renewable energy instantly modernizes the building while making a visible and definitive statement about your environmental values. We can put it into play.