Energy Analysis & Monitoring

Intelligent solutions for smarter building management

Leveraging powerful analytics tools to assess performance and unlock building potential

Commercial buildings account for 19% of the energy consumed in the United States, with greater than half of that coming from HVAC and lighting, according to the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy. Making your facility more energy efficient is not only the green choice, it’s the smart financial play.

But where do you start? At Trane, we start with the data. We use intelligent tools to monitor, track, predict and optimize your operation. We offer a complete energy management solution tailored to your business’s needs to deliver improved building performance, sustainability and operating costs.

We’ll work with you to understand your goals and objectives, use advanced monitoring and analytics to gather the data, help you identify the opportunities for improvement, prioritize the work, implement the solutions and validate the results. Trane offers intelligent solutions for smarter building management.

Building Performance

Trane’s system-wide assessment of your HVAC equipment and controls will identify ways to unlock greater efficiency and comfort.

Energy Performance

Advanced assessment tools to help you monitor, manage and improve energy consumption—real time—for sustained energy efficiency.

Energy Assessment

We map your energy use by day, time and peak demand to provide a comprehensive picture of your energy consumption illustrating where, when and how you can reduce energy use and optimize operations.

Active Monitoring

Through active monitoring, Trane professionals maintain a 24/7 watch over critical building systems to proactively detect issues, analyze system alarms and respond based on the rules of engagement you provide.