Electricity market participation

Your business is challenging enough. Leave the energy to us.

Comprehensive energy market savvy from Trane helps you lock in the best energy prices and terms

With the complexity and volatility of today’s energy markets, how confident are you that you’re getting the best price and terms for the energy you buy?  Like the broader financial markets, energy cost management requires constant attention to market dynamics. And frankly it’s a job for experts. Trane’s certified energy experts monitor the market 24-7, 365 days a year.  We know the electricity market and can help you negotiate the best possible pricing and contract terms so you can focus on your business. 

Energy market savvy augmented with predictive analytics to help you save

We’ll advise you on the best times to buy, use and sell energy to help you maximize your energy spend, and help you develop a more accurate budget based on your historic energy use and price forecasts. Trane’s load management and predictive analytics tools help optimize your energy supply and demand – at a single site or for aggregated portfolios. 

Energy supply contracts for risk management

Looking for less volatility in your energy pricing? We’ll help you negotiate an energy supply contract with energy generators or retail suppliers to get the best price, delivery period and duration to avoid short-term price fluctuations and help you mitigate risk.

Energy as a service to leverage wholesale energy markets

Selling energy back into the wholesale energy market can generate savings for large industrial or institutional energy consumers and those that generate some of their own power. But you need a partner – Trane – who understands the wholesale market, the regulations and the complexities of getting it done. 

Play smarter in complex electricity markets

Your building is also a potential energy resource against volatile energy costs. Trane energy storage solutions help you build a lower-cost energy supply on-site as an alternative when energy prices spike or as part of proactive load management strategies to optimize your energy use.

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