Demand Response

Monetize your building’s energy performance

Get paid for reducing electricity use

With demand response, when electricity demand strains the grid, some power providers will pay you to scale back use. No doubt you could use the money to invest back into your building, or to strengthen your bottom line.

Many utilities run demand-response programs that offer financial incentives to commercial customers who agree to reduce their energy use on the few days a year when electricity demand is so high it threatens grid stability – typically the hottest days of the year. Where offered, demand response has become a popular way for companies to contribute to grid resiliency, reduce their energy costs and build a sustainable business culture. 


When you work with Trane, you'll get incentive payments and more

Trane partners with you to understand your energy goals and the demand response opportunities available in your local market. We know when to reduce energy use and have the technology to do it—on demand. This means holistically understanding how and when your building uses energy as well as in-depth knowledge of building equipment and controls, so you can confidently reduce your energy use while minimizing or eliminating impacts to comfort or productivity, or causing wear and tear on building systems. Trane brings all the pieces together.

Let's Go Beyond

Get reliable results with automated energy reduction  

Avoid missing out on a payment opportunity. Our staff maintains 24/7 monitoring for the energy markets and sends you notifications. By adding GridFlex cloud technology, you can automatically reduce energy use through Tracer SC+ building automation.

Our experts help you participate with confience

We provide straightforward consultation and review options so you can participate with confidence. Our in-house team of energy market analysts maintain relationships with major electric power providers throughout North America, and they understand the programs.

Demand response + energy storage = greater savings

Combining demand response with on-site energy storage offers organizations additional energy cost-savings. Energy storage technology, such as Trane Thermal Energy Storage solutions, “charge” when utility rates are low. That energy is then available for use when energy rates are high, or as part of a load-shed strategy. Trane offers comprehensive energy solutions, and this is just one example of how we can combine capabilities to deliver even greater advantages. 

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