Demand Management

Take control of your energy spend.

Trane software-based tools help you forecast, plan and manage energy demand to avoid higher electricity costs

You know the drill when it comes to your utility bill. You pay for how much energy you consume over a billing cycle, plus a premium rate for those times during the day when you use the most, the peak demand charge. Those higher charges can comprise up to half or more of your energy bill. Why settle for that?

Take control with Trane demand management tools. Our software-based load management and predictive analytics help you avoid higher electricity prices. Along with our industry leading connected building controls, building automation systems and energy storage solutions, you have a comprehensive toolkit to optimize your energy spend, whether for single or multiple sites.

Demand management helps achieve more aggressive sustainability goals

As more building owners set aggressive sustainability goals, or even strive to be zero energy buildings, they need better tools to get there. Predictive analytics and software help you proactively avoid higher electricity rates and offer the flexibility to shift your energy load to other resources, such as on-site renewable energy generation or energy storage. 

Let's Go Beyond

Complement your efforts with energy storage, demand response for more flexibility 

Participating in utility demand response programs and deploying on-site energy storage solutions, such as thermal or electro-chemical batteries, pre-cooling or distributed energy, help you reduce your reliance on the grid by giving you an alternative energy source. By adding this flexibility, you gain the ability to capitalize on the rewards when utilities send out the call to reduce energy demand.

Trane experts will help you get there 

As energy consumers you’ve never had more opportunity to actively shape and manage your business’s energy consumption, thanks to the dynamic changes underway in the energy marketplace. But making sense of the choices and complexity requires a trusted partner… Trane—the leader in connected building technology and energy management. 


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