Trane® ProSpace™ VRF variable refrigerant systems

Delivering comfortable temperatures and high energy efficiency, Trane® ProSpace™ VRF variable-refrigerant systems are available in a broad choice of tonnage capacities and in either heat pump or heat recovery configurations to best meet the needs of your space. ProSpace air-source VRF designs support a wide variety of installations in both modular and mini units. ProSpace water-source VRF designs use ground loops, natural bodies of water or cooling towers and or boilers to maximize efficiency — and operating cost savings.

The variable-refrigerant design makes it possible to give each room in a building individual heating and cooling control, while unused rooms’ climate controls can be switched off entirely. The result is exceptional comfort and high efficiency: up to 38.2 IEER and 34.1 SCHE. Other technological advantages include multiple control options, the ability to support pipe runs of more than 3,000 feet and available high-performance, variable-speed compressors.

Regardless of the system that’s right for your application, Trane ProSpace VRF solutions deliver comfort, precise temperature control and quiet operation: keys to a pleasant interior environment that helps make buildings better for life.