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Improving Dehumidification In HVAC Systems

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  • Published Sep 1, 2007

Managing humidity should be a key design consideration in any HVAC application. This ENL will discuss the challenge of dehumidifying at part load, for both chilled-water and cycling compressor systems, and describe ways to improve the dehumidification performance of commonly used HVAC systems.

Topics include: modulating chilled water coil, cycling compressors, impact of ventilation, impact of oversizing, total-energy recovery, cool-reheat (hot gas reheat, condenser water heat recovery), face-and-bypass dampers (mixed-air bypass, return-air bypass), reduce airflow (multi-speed fan, VAV, single-zone VAV), dual paths (dedicated outdoor-air system, split dehumidification unit or SDU), desiccants (CDQ), and TRACE™ 700 humidity modeling and reports.

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