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Energy-Saving Opportunities for LEED® and EPAct*

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  • Published May 1, 2008

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*Approved by AIA and USGBC (LEED) for continuing education credit.

According to the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), buildings account for 36 percent of the energy used in the United States. This ENL broadcast discusses energy-saving strategies to implement for various HVAC system types, and quantifies the impact of each toward achieving LEED points under the “Optimize Energy Performance” credit. It includes a detailed review of an energy modeling study conducted to demonstrate the potential energy cost savings (for various strategies, climate zones, and HVAC system types) for achieving LEED points and demonstrates how these same strategies can help the building owner qualify for tax deductions through the Energy Policy Act.

The presentation provides design engineers with a better understanding of the “big picture” of building energy use, including the impact of the building envelope, lighting, plug loads, and processes and covers common mistakes made when modeling for LEED points.

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