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Coil Selection and Optimization

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  • Published Apr 1, 2015

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In this ENL program, Trane engineers will discuss the application, selection, and optimization of both chilled-water and hot-water coils. Topics include a discussion about the impact of both water and air velocities on coil performance, a review of example selections for chilled-water and hot-water coils to demonstrate the tradeoffs of cost, pressure drop, and capacity, and an overview of various methods to prevent water coils from freezing during cold weather.

Presenters: Jeanne Harshaw (host), Todd Michael, Brian Hafendorfer and John Murphy.

Learning objectives:

  • Identify the various configuration and construction options for chilled-water and hot-water coils
  • Understand the impact of both water and air velocities on coil performance
  • Evaluate water coil selection choices at various water temperatures and flow rates
  • Understand the balance of coil face area, airside pressure drop, and waterside pressure drop when selecting a coil
  • Properly protect water coils from freezing, when necessary

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