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ASHRAE Standards 62.1 and 90.1, and VAV Systems*

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  • Published Nov 1, 2008

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*Approved by AIA and USGBC (LEED) for continuing education credit.

These days many designers want to comply with both Standard 62.1 and Standard 90.1. Requirements from both standards have been incorporated into many building codes, and the minimum requirements of both standards must be met as prerequisites to LEED certification. In attempting to comply with the ventilation requirements of Standard 62.1 AND the energy-limiting requirements of Standard 90.1, some designers have concluded that it’s next to impossible to do so using traditional VAV systems. While in some specific cases these designers might be right, in most cases they are not right. In this broadcast, the Chair of SSPC 62.1 (Dennis Stanke), the Chair of SSPC 90.1 (Mick Schwedler), and the one of the authors of the VAV-related sections in the User Manuals for both standards (Steve Taylor), discuss the potentially conflicting requirements and design choices.

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