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Rooftop VAV Systems

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  • Item # SYS-APM007-EN
  • Published Jan 1, 2009

Discusses proper design and application of packaged rooftop, variable air volume (VAV) systems.  

Topics include:

  • Basic system operation
  • Benefits and drawbacks of a packaged rooftop VAV system
  • In-depth coverage of the components that make up the system (packaged rooftop unit, VAV terminal units, air distribution system, hot water heating system)
  • Solutions to address common design challenges (thermal zoning, ventilation, humidity control, energy efficiency, acoustics)
  • Several system variations (cold air distribution, single-zone VAV, air-to-air energy recovery)
  • Common unit-level and system-level control functions
  • System optimization strategies

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January 01, 2009