Renewable Energy Procurement

Being smart about energy procurement can go a long way toward ensuring your operation’s success.

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Renewable Energy Procurement
Renewable Energy Procurement


As sustainability has become a core business tenet for many organizations, and energy from renewable sources is expected to make up 26 percent of total U.S. energy generation by 2030, our experts can help your team understand the multiple options available and objectively weigh the risks and rewards of each. Ultimately, we’ll help you leverage renewable energy options at the most affordable rates to meet your business goals.

Best practice renewable energy purchasing strategies vary based on geographic area, local regulations, and state and local incentives. Our experts know renewable energy nationwide, and we’ll help you navigate your local terrain while meeting your overall strategy.

Trane can help you…

  • Analyze the costs, requirements and benefits of a wide range of renewable energy options
  • Participate in the growth of renewable energy options with strategies that provide additionality credits
  • Receive full reward and recognition for your actions by following through on complex reporting requirements
  • Choose an option best suited for you from many choices including: renewable energy certificates (REC), power purchase agreements (PPA), or virtual power purchase agreements (VPPA)

Let’s go beyond sustainability with a renewable energy approach that meets your business and financial goals.

Want to know more or learn how Trane has helped Ingersoll Rand incorporate renewable energy into their Environmental Commitment?

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