Performance Guaranteed Contracting

eping in mind the changing needs of your building. Let us access metrics beyond just energy consumption to design a comprehensive plan for peak effectiveness for your critical business needs. And because you’re always being asked to do more with less, we’ll help you build a long-term plan that will take growth and change into consideration. Rather than address building needs with a project-based approach, we’ll work side by side until you feel comfortable with your new systems and services. And because over 13,000 Trane employees reside across every state and province of North America, no matter where you do business, we’ve always got you covered. From engineers and technicians to product managers and account representatives, your Trane team is available to provide ongoing support to assist you in carrying out your core mission. 

It can be a big challenge to maintain high quality building environments, especially in facilities with aging infrastructure where budget constraints seem to limit progress between the results that are expected and those that are financially feasible.  Trane’s relationship with The Cooperative Purchasing Network (“TCPN”) helps public agencies and non-profit organizations to achieve better building performance with the same financial resources by leveraging Performance Contracting services. In addition to benefitting from national leveraged pricing, procuring through TCPN simplifies documentation, and provides public assurance that your office is operating in compliance with all procurement laws and regulations.


  • Equipment selections and services
  • Control systems
  • Building operations support
  • Measurement and verification
  • Training
  • Parts
  • Technical support