Energy Contracting

Energy can be the single-largest operating expense in a typical commercial building

•Inside every building there is hidden potential to use energy more efficiently. Too often, that potential stays hidden because strained budgets, deferred maintenance and basic infrastructure needs are constantly derailing resources. Yet, it doesn’t take much to get energy projects started, and from one small energy project the savings can grow.

•Trane® unleashes the potential of buildings. As an energy company, and the leader in Connected Building Solutions (internal link, would this be, we leverage data and expertise to help customers like you identify opportunities to be more energy efficient and sustainable—and then prove the payoffs with documented results.

•Craftsmen in building performance — Trane expertise in a wide range of energy projects is based on a combination of advanced technology and our people—experts who are dedicated to the cause. As one of the nation’s leading energy service contractors, and a DOE qualified energy services provider, Trane is delivering over a billion in guaranteed savings to our customers. We are an Energy Services Company (ESCO) accredited by NAESCO and certified through the Canadian Federal Buildings Initiative, offering a broad range of energy solutions.

•Measured, validated and documented energy project results — Regulatory organizations, customers, occupants and management…they all may require insight into your energy and sustainability profile. We can bring visibility and transparency to your progress by providing documentation and digital dashboards.

•Harnessed potential — Energy conservation projects generate, on average, 20 to 40 percent in energy use reductions. We’ll help you break through the financial roadblocks to energy efficiency. Trane expertise brings flexibility to financing by thinking outside the box and introducing a wider range of monetary resources and payment terms. Thinking big? Performance contracting may enable a complete energy upgrade, paid for by the savings in energy costs that Trane guarantees.

•Let’s take your building beyond. Whether you want to begin with a simple, one-time project improving or replacing electrical, mechanical or plumbing systems, or go all-in with a guaranteed performance contract, Trane is the ESCO partner you already know and trust: a local partner with national support.