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Customer Stories

Kilborn Medical Centre

Taking Control

Kilborn Medical Centre is a five-story clinic and medical office building that was completed in 1987. Tenants and patients require careful temperature control and flexible operating hours.


Operating 24 hours a day, seven days a week with various tenants on differing schedules made Kilborn Medical Centre’s indoor environment difficult to control, particularly with a pneumatic control system. While the situation presented operating and energy efficiency improvement opportunities, upgrading to a Direct Digital Control (DDC) system was complicated due to limited accessibility to tenant spaces.


Metcalfe Realty Company, Ltd., worked with Trane’s Ottawa sales office to develop a controls replacement plan. Trane recommended installing a Tracer Summit™ building automation system and Variable Air Volume (VAV) terminals to provide the kind of temperature and zone control needed. As part of the project Trane engineers also upgraded the operation of the Trane rooftop HVAC units serving the building.


The project was completed on schedule with little or no disruption of tenants, thanks to an after-hours work schedule. Trane supplied engineering and project management services along with CAD and as-built drawings. Trane installed the Tracer Summit system, electrical work and provided all software, technical support, start-up services and warranty, plus a three-year maintenance contract.

Mario Safar, Operations Project Manager for Metcalfe Realty, said, “The scope of the project expanded, but it did come in on time and on budget. Trane met deadlines with minimal disturbance to our tenants. This was important because Trane had to get access to our tenants’ offices and work with minimal noise or interruption . . . I got value for my money. We have better control of our building and tenant spaces. There is a schedule for every zone based on occupancy. The Trane team was excellent.”

Another example of how Trane’s world-renowned expertise met a challenge with the right solution. From integrated comfort systems to systems management and climate controls, Trane ensures that your building environment is right so you can run your business better.


About Kilborn Medical Centre

The complete requirements of both the medical practitioners and the patients were considered in designing Kilborn Medical Centre. An on-site pharmacy, x-ray facility, laboratory, cafeteria and public parking garage distinguishes the Kilborn Medical Centre as a complete self-contained medical facility. Its highly visible location in south Ottawa, at the corner of Bank Street and Kilborn Avenue, was chosen for its proximity and easy access to the region’s other medical facilities. The Centre is equally accessible from all parts of the city, as public transportation stops at its front door.

“I got value for my money. We have better control of our building and tenant spaces.” — Mario Safar, Operations Project Manager, Metcalfe Realty Company, Ltd.