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Financial Services

Planning a project involving HVAC, electrical and lighting systems can be a daunting task, particularly when capital expenses are involved. Whether you are considering a simple upgrade or are installing a complete building automation system, it’s important to make the right choice for the long term. After all, critical comfort systems are a key way to add value to your building and create a superior environment for the people and the things in the building.

To help you maximize your investment, Trane has developed a variety of financing options that give building owners the flexibility to do a range of projects.

Anticipation Discount Program

The Trane Anticipation Discount Program can give you the opportunity to add value to your HVAC Supplies by reducing the cost of purchase by making payment prior to shipment. With this program you can reduce your costs while financing the project at an attractive rate, gain immediate order approval and enhance your credit standing.

Total Cost of Ownership

When making a capital expenditure for an HVAC system it’s important consider more than just the cost of purchase. Without factoring in such issues as installation costs, operating costs, service requirements and the expense of borrowing money, it’s impossible to make a correct determination of the best system to choose and the best way to buy it. Not to mention the importance of understanding a business owner's financial goals in choosing to buy equipment.

Trane’s Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) analysis takes into account all of the costs associated with a capital purchase over a given time period. This information is used to assess all possibilities and identify the alternative with the lowest total cost, or best value, based on the owner's needs.

Trane Technologies Financial Services

Business owners today face a variety of challenges. Remaining competitive and growing your business often requires the need to modernize facilities and acquire new equipment. Companies will consider a range of issues when determining how to meet these business needs. How a company accommodates the acquisition of new equipment is the focus of Trane Technologies Financial Services.