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Design and Analysis Software

C.D.S. offers both free and fee-based eLearning courses that cover a wide range of energy modeling instruction for both TRACE 700 and TRACE 3D Plus.

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TRACE™ 3D Plus Courses

The TRACE 3D Plus eLearning curriculum is broken down into 100-level (fundamentals), 200-level (intermediate), and 300-level (advanced) course curriculum.

Our 100 level videos provide a basic overview of the program. These are free tutorial videos that will help a user get started using the program.

  • Load Design 101 (~ 1 Hour)
  • Energy & Economics 102 (~ 1 Hour)

Our 200 level videos will give a deeper dive into program input, outputs, and methodology. These fee-based, self-paced videos provide the same content as our full day, on-site training courses. Contact for pricing and ordering information. Once a course is ordered and paid for, users will have access for 6 months at a time.

  • Load Design 201 (~ 4 hours video content)
  • Energy & Economics 202 (~ 4 hours video content )

Our 300 level videos will provide instruction on how to model various systems and options as well as address the most common questions about the functionalities within TRACE 3D Plus.

  • Coming Soon!

TRACE™ 700

TRACE 700 Load Design eLearning Course

This self-paced course consists of learning modules based on our current on-site TRACE 700 Load training. The six-module course consists of 4 hours of video content. Contact C.D.S. Admin at or 608-787-3926 for purchasing details!

TRACE 700 Free Tutorial Video Topics

These free videos focus on specific features and tasks to help you find answers quickly and easily. Here are just a few of the topics you will find on the C.D.S. eLearning portal: 

  • Trane Chiller Plant Analyzer- Getting Started (22:14)
  • Modeling Airside Economizer Strategies (15:20)
  • Heat Recovery Chillers (14:17)
  • Introduction to VariTrane Duct Designer (8:28)
  • Load Design Output Interpretation (21:31)
  • Makeup Air and Non-Mechanical Cooling (14:57)
  • Chiller Sequencing and Control (23:07)
  • ASHRAE Standard 62.1 (15:48)
  • Ice Storage Systems (16:05)
  • Top 10 Expert Tips for TRACE 700 (15:20)

Check out all of the eLearning courses on the C.D.S. Support site.

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