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TRACE 700 Energy and Economics

  • Online Course
  • Free

TRACE 700 software is the benchmark complete load, system, energy and economic analysis program that compares the energy and economic impact of such building alternatives as architectural features, HVAC systems, building utilization or scheduling and economic options.

Trane C.D.S. provides a full day of training on TRACE Energy and Economics. By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Navigate the program and gain a better understanding of the various input fields.
  • Summarize how weather is used to determine peak and off-peak loads.
  • Summarize the various daytypes TRACE™ uses to calculate peak and off-peak loads.
  • Understand how TRACE™ uses unloading curves to determine energy use.
  • Create multiple alternatives to model various choices.
  • Create custom library values for cooling and heating equipment.
  • Summarize how TRACE™ calculates life-cycle costs and other economic parameters.
  • Create custom utility rate structures.
  • Identify advanced features in the program to include modeling ASHRAE Standard 62.1, importing GBXML files, and system control strategies.
  • Interpret results and learn how to read the various output reports.
  • Practice using the program through in-class exercises
  • Identify various resources available to help licensed users

The class is designed primarily for intermediate users. The information in this class provides basic information critical for understanding subsequent C.D.S. TRACE courses (e.g. the TRACE 700, LEED, and ASHRAE Standard 90.1 and the Advanced Topics courses).

Prerequisites: You must hold a valid license for the software. If you need to purchase software, take advantage of the software and training discount.

Participants are expected to have previously attended TRACE Load Design training, and if not, to be a proficient TRACE Load user.

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