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Trane is a leading provider of commercial HVAC Equipment, Building Controls, Service, Energy Services and Parts in Northwestern Ohio. We have the tools, products, services, and experience to improve the life of your building and the lives within your building. We deliver High Performance Buildings For Life™.

With over 25 associates taking a Lifecycle Cost Approach to building comfort, we help ensure that systems are designed, constructed, controlled, and maintained more reliably, more comfortably, and more efficiently.   

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Intelligent Services

Optimize Building Performance

A building's performance means the difference between a structure that costs money and an asset that enables your business.

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Education Overview

Optimize the Learning Environment

Effective learning environments are in part, the result of high performance school design followed by proper maintenance and regular upgrades throughout the life of the building.

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Healthcare Overview

Optimize the Healing Environment

In an industry where results are measured first by patients' health outcomes, both caregivers and administrators need support from the physical environment.

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Toledo, OH Commercial Sales

1001 Hamilton Drive

Holland , Ohio 43528-8210

PH: 419-491-2249

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