Improving Student Performance

A smarter learning environment

There’s no more important, more far-reaching investment than one made for our children. Multiple studies prove a classroom environment plays an important role in educational outcomes. That’s why many schools are directing resources to upgrade the learning environment, including indoor air quality and classroom acoustics.

Trane capabilities contribute to a classroom environment where temperature, humidity, air quality and sound levels enable students and teachers to achieve a higher level of success. That pays off for schools and their communities today and well into the future. 


Indoor air quality

Student performance improves in classrooms with optimized indoor air quality (IAQ). Trane systems deliver this by maintaining comfortable temperature and humidity levels. We offer innovations in clean air technology that result in a healthier classroom. And our systems deliver proper ventilation to bring in the optimum amount of fresh air.

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Classroom acoustics

Classroom acoustics is a key aspect of a high performance school. Optimum background sound levels for learning are defined by the ANSI/ASA Standard S12.60 for classroom acoustics. Trane has demonstrated that these acoustical requirements can be met with little or no impact on classroom construction costs.

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