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Experience High Performance Buildings

A high performance building is more than a structure. It’s an outcome. 

At Trane, however, we define a high performance building as more than just a structure that follows certain criteria. It is an outcome – one that demands a holistic approach to performance while creating spaces that are reliable, safe, healthy, comfortable and efficient.

Trane understands that high performance buildings help owners and occupants attain greater productivity while accomplishing their business mission. To that end, Trane relies on design and operating standards that are created, measured and continuously validated in order to deliver a specified outcome.

Such outcomes represent a close collaboration between Trane and the customer, engaging a unique methodology that combines financial, operating and energy analysis with specialized service offers and available financing. This methodology is a “whole building, whole lifecycle approach,” which recognizes that initial design and construction comprise only about 4-5 percent of a typical building’s total lifecycle costs, while operations and maintenance account for as much as 85 percent.*

And because even the best designed and constructed buildings deteriorate over time, Trane believes an effective service strategy that is closely aligned with the building mission and purpose is essential to any high performance building outcome. Trane offers a suite of services designed to meet the needs of any organization. From validating equipment installation and performance to scheduled routine maintenance and energy performance solutions, Trane can customize a service agreement to help you realize your business mission through the performance of your building systems. 

*National Institute of Building Sciences