Energy Management & Controls

Secure, compatible, and feature-rich systems

Obtain the performance edge you need.

Technology continues to evolve - as do cyber-security defenses, and IT compatibility requirements, and customers’ productivity expectations. Trane innovates and stays ahead of the latest technology trends, delivering secure, compatible, and feature-rich systems to our customers. Trane helps maintain high-performing buildings by keeping building management, automation, HVAC systems, lighting, and central plants up-to-date with the latest technology and innovation.

Innovative Technology and Solutions

At Trane, our business is making your business better, through innovative technology and solutions and systems experience.  We combine core expertise in building systems and services — and more than 100 years of industry experience — with technology and advanced analytics to bring you comprehensive solutions to make your building, and your business, better.

Building Management Systems

Our web-based building management systems dramatically simplify the complex requirements of managing and operating multiple facilities. Accessible from most PCs, tablets, and smartphones, our solutions provide immediate access to your building systems from virtually any location, allowing you to maintain comfortable, healthy conditions and satisfied occupants

Building Automation Systems

It’s no longer enough to control heating and cooling. Sophisticated buildings require smarter technology that will carry into the future. Tracer™ controls provide the technology platform for the next generation of data-driven, technology-enabled services that are creating high-performance buildings.

Trane® Air-Fi™ Wireless Systems

Trane® Air-Fi™ wireless communication is a reliable, flexible solution that frees you from the hassles associated with wired components for your building controls system

Other Automation Products


Field and factory-installed devices to control your equipment


A full line of both programmable and non-programmable thermostats to fit your needs.


Power & Energy Meters and Sensors provide accurate and reliable data - the critical foundation to optimized Building Management Systems and Building Automation Systems

Additional tools to help you succeed

Looking for Revit Files or CAD Templates?

With such a broad range of Trane products to choose from, it’s not always easy to determine what the right products are for your project. Our selection BIM software and CAD templates make it easier to choose by calculating the performance of various Trane components in different applications.