Utility Bill Management

Data mining for better energy performance

Utility Bill Management pays, tracks and manages energy costs with custom reports, insights on how to save more

Your utility bill can be a data-rich resource. Unfortunately, most invoices arrive by mail, email or even fax. That means one (or more) of your employees has to manually review the information, confirm its accuracy and whether the right utility tariff is applied, then pay the invoice.

Utility bill management (UMB) is a labor-intensive process prone to error and late payments. More importantly, this intensive undertaking can miss valuable data insights that could reduce your energy consumption and affect your energy costs. Outsourcing UBM needs is a productivity gain for your team and your business. Let Trane help you more accurately manage, predict and control your energy costs with Trane Utility Bill Management powered by dataPoint®.

Trane Energy Supply Management

Detect and correct billing errors and pay bills on-time

A secure, web-based system available 24/7, dataPoint® uses a multi-step process to validate the accuracy of your energy invoice to eliminate billing errors. Using energy data acquired from your utility and supply invoices, it audits and validates the invoice prior to posting it to the dataPoint® website within 24 to 48 hours, minimizing labor costs and helping you avoid late fees. But it doesn’t end there.

Mine the data to identify usage patterns and anomalies

With dataPoint® Trane energy experts review and analyze your energy data. We track and gauge all your electricity and natural gas usage, including costs and savings to help you see how you’re performing against your goals. We can interpret the raw data, spot anomalies and develop strategies to help you optimize your energy spend.

Produce more action-oriented reports and analysis

The system also helps you make better energy decisions with auto-generated and custom reports that can be customized by site or region for further analysis and benchmarking.

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