Energy Procurement

An energy expert for bottom-line results

Trane helps you leverage the energy market for lower costs, improved sustainability

The most fundamental energy need you have is to procure it at the best possible price when you need it to keep your business operating smoothly. That’s Trane’s wheelhouse.

We manage billions of dollars of client energy spend annually. Whether you have a single site or multiple locations, operate in a regulated or deregulated energy state, Trane experts can help you implement winning energy solutions that support your financial and sustainability goals and take advantage of the increasingly competitive energy market.

Trane Energy Supply Management

Natural gas and electricity management

Our energy experts will help you obtain the lowest price and best contract terms for your natural gas and electricity needs.

Trane Energy Choice™

In deregulated states we can help you choose the electricity and natural gas supplier with the most advantageous prices and terms. Using Trane Energy Choice™ you can have both the competitiveness of multiple bids combined with direct, one-on-one negotiations with a network of more than 50 fully vetted energy providers to select the best one for you.

Making the most of the available options

We can help you decide what suits your business best from an array of choices, including renewable energy certificates (REC), power purchase agreements (PPA) and virtual power purchase agreements (VPPA). Once we’ve settled on an approach together, Trane will put it into play and make sure you receive the full rewards and recognition by following through on complex reporting requirements. 

Renewable energy procurement

There are many options for renewable energy today, and the choices continue to grow. We’ll help you understand what’s available and weigh the potential risks and rewards of each. Our experts know the renewable energy market in North America, and we’ll help you navigate your local terrain while meeting your sustainability goals, such as LEED® or net zero certification, by reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Innovative procurement tools

Trane can help you use today’s innovative renewable energy procurement tools, such as power purchase agreements (PPA) for direct delivery of renewable energy, and virtual power purchase agreements (VPPA), for environmental reporting and financial benefits that help offset energy costs. We’ll help you select the renewable energy provider offering the most value to you.

Why VPPAs can be a great choice

Renewable energy sources are playing a bigger role every day. Virtual Power Purchase Agreements (VPPA) are a great way for businesses to purchase long-term renewable energy at attractive market rates. We know the advantages firsthand: When the Ingersoll Rand Center for Energy Efficiency and Sustainability worked with the Trane team to enter a VPPA, we replaced 32% of the company’s energy use in the U.S. with  green energy practically overnight. 

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