Energy Market Intelligence

Stay a step ahead with Trane market intelligence


Insights and analysis to help you make smarter energy decisions

The opportunity presented by a transformed energy market is a plus for energy consumers. But making sense of the new dynamics and complexity and how it could affect you is an ongoing challenge. Trane’s market intelligence team can help.

We monitor the energy marketplace end-to-end, all day, every day. We’ll keep you posted on developments across the spectrum, including how prices are moving, regulatory and legislative issues, how energy markets are behaving and insights that will help you evaluate and quantify risks and opportunities in the energy market.


Energy Supply Services

We’ll help you make sense of the trends

Your biggest risk is pricing. Our energy market analysis and recommendations will keep you informed of pricing trends, where they’re heading and why, and advise you when to lock in prices when they are as competitive as possible.

With regular updates on pricing, markets and analysis

Our energy market intelligence team produces daily pricing reports, weekly market updates and monthly energy recaps that include market insights and analysis of energy, natural gas and crude oil markets to help you make better energy decisions. Our research and reports also can support your financial and compliance reporting requirements.

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