Energy Cost Management

Pay less for energy

Proactive strategies from Trane can reduce energy costs and drive efficiency

Those companies who evolve own their futures. That’s certainly true when it comes to today’s energy marketplace. Companies need a proactive, integrated energy strategy that delivers lower costs, more energy choice and long-term sustainability. The alternative is steadily rising utility costs that eat away at the bottom line – eroding competitiveness in the process.

Whether through better procurement strategies or full-service energy management, Trane experts will help you find the most competitively priced energy. We monitor the energy market 24-7 so you don’t have to. We’ll keep you aware of market trends, pricing forecasts and utility rates, and help you develop a more accurate energy budget based on your historic energy use and the latest pricing trends.

Take advantage of opportunities in the wholesale energy market

Our wholesale market access program can help large industrial and institutional customers avoid higher energy retail prices and pay at or near wholesale rates. For those users large enough to generate some of their own power, we can help further reduce third-party energy supplier charges to reduce your costs as much as $1-$7 per MWh. Our local Trane energy professionals fine-tune the scheduling and dispatch of electrical power generation and load, and manage wholesale market transactions and settlements.

Leverage energy data for ongoing improvements

Energy data analysis can help uncover new opportunities to optimize your building’s performance and improve your bottom line. Trane can help customers meet financial and sustainability goals with comprehensive energy programs that leverage our industry-leading building controls, energy solutions and purchasing strategies.

Manage price volatility through market intelligence

Thorough reports on your energy use and delivery, and support for your financial and compliance reporting obligations help you manage your business and risk management program. Our energy market analysis and recommendations can help you determine when to lock in prices and avoid pending increases.

Lock in low rates, and go further with peak load and demand-response programs

Trane energy experts will help you lock in the most advantageous energy rates with utilities and providers, and show you how to become a preferred power user by implementing peak-load management or demand-response strategies.

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