Thermal Battery™ Heat Pump System

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Thermal Battery™ Heat Pump System

  • Delivers heating and cooling
  • Charges and discharges energy like an HVAC "battery"
  • Stores and recovers energy instead of rejecting the energy outside
  •  Includes Trane®-controlled water-cooled chillers, Ice Bank®  energy storage tanks and an optional dedicated outdoor air (DOAS) system
  • 5 standard modes of operation (heating – morning warm up, simultaneous heating and cooling, winter cooling only, summer daytime cooling and summer night-time ice making) 
  • Part of the Thermal Battery system portfolio


Decarbonize and Transform to All-Electric

As with the transition from gas-driven to all-electric transportation, the building industry is going through a transformation to carbon-free, all-electric spaces. This transformation is driving new policies and building codes regarding electrification and carbon neutrality. Building electrification, a key decarbonization strategy, requires replacing technologies which run on combustion fuels typically used for space and water heating with technologies that rely on electricity.

How it Works

A building with this system stores and recovers waste energy to deliver heating and cooling. Instead of rejecting energy outside through cooling towers, waste energy is recovered and circulated to the building. This essentially taps into the energy the building already has – energy from the sun the previous day, as well as energy already purchased for lighting, appliances and cooling.

Deliver More Sustainable Heating and Cooling

If you to want to decarbonize and transform your buildings to all electric, we can offer an innovative approach that includes a combination of benefits to reduce carbon footprint, improve energy efficiency and save water.

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    Meet building energy codes

    As more cities pass electrification codes, now is the time to switch to electric-based solutions such as Heat Pumps. Our Storage Source Heat Pump System can store and recover a tremendous amount of energy, which avoids use of additional fossil fuels to heat the building.

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    Gain efficiency and more

    Reduce carbon emissions by more than two-thirds. Our Systems “heat pump” or source the energy out of ice storage tanks with the chiller (making ice) and pump to a usable level (95F). This process has a COP of about 5.5 which on a source energy basis is over 200% better than a gas boiler, based on standard efficiency of a fossil fuel boiler and standard grid efficiencies. The result is a huge carbon emissions savings: a 78% reduction in CO2e (based on Trane ETV chiller run).

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    Save water

    Recover energy instead of rejecting it outside. With our Thermal Battery Heat Pump Systems, you can avoid wasting substantial amounts of water required to reject energy - typically through a cooling tower.

Thermal Battery Storage Source Heat Pump System

Like “free cooling”? You’ll love “free heating”

Most modern commercial buildings need some cooling all year. “Free cooling” economizers take in outside air and throw heat out, using new energy in fans. Trane Thermal Battery Storage Source Heat Pump Systems store that heat by melting ice for cooling while using less fan energy. This makes the energy extracted from the building (while cooling) reusable as stored water in the tank. The next time the system needs heating, the heat pump runs with the tank as the energy source. In turn, the energy it extracted from the tank is available when the building next needs cooling. By balancing cooling and heating loads, not simultaneously in real time, but from one day to the next, the system eliminates the need to throw away excess energy.

Maximize benefits by season

This system’s “heat pump” capability allows you to optimize utility costs and energy use by season. In summer, waste energy in the building is rejected through cooling towers. During winter, the waste energy is stored and saved for morning warm-up. The system rejects or stores energy as need during spring and fall. And Trane controls helps automate the variability based on our engineered algorithyms providing you the maximum benefit any time of year!


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