Thermal Battery™ Air-Cooled Chiller Plant

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Thermal Battery™ Air-Cooled Chiller Plant

  • 12 standard configurations for Trane® air-cooled chillers
  • CALMAC® energy storage tanks
  • Customizable system controls
  • System completion module
  • Part of the Thermal Battery System Portfolio

Thermal Energy Storage Made Easy

Our Trane® Thermal Battery air-cooled chiller plant is a thermal energy storage system which can make air-cooled chiller plant design and installation simpler and repeatable, helping to save on design time and construction costs.

System Advantages

Trane® Thermal Battery air-cooled chiller plants operate at night to create cooling when utility rates are lower and systems are more efficient. Cooling is stored in specially designed ice tanks. During the day, the ice is melted to cool the building, leading to significant savings on utility bills — and many other advantages:

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    Simple dashboards

    Easily monitor system operation, including how much stored energy is available, how much was used yesterday, peak energy demand reduction versus baseline, and estimated cost savings.

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    Sustainability and credits

    Our systems increase the dispatchability of renewable energy and are a strategy recognized by LEED, Green Globes, the Energy Storage Association and advanced building codes like ASHRAE Standard 189.1 and Title 24 in California.

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    Reduce water use

    If water conservation is most critical, then air-cooled systems become the obvious choice. These systems consume no water.

Thermal Energy Storage behaves like an air-conditioning battery

Trane Thermal Energy Storage works like an HVAC battery for your building. It can store and recover thermal energy, charging and discharging depending on building operation, utility rates/programs or availability of renewable resources to optimize your savings, while increasing your sustainability.

System Completion Module makes it easy

The system’s completion module is a Trane-designed, built and functionally tested skid that reduces design and installation time for Thermal Battery Air-Cooled Chiller Plants. The module reduces the system's complexity, reduces time for design, installation and commissioning, and simplifies maintenance through Trane parts identification and single-provider warranty.

Quick design and installation

Plan, specify, and incorporate controls for thermal energy storage systems faster and more efficiently. Our system is pre-engineered and factory built for faster design and installation logistics.

Trane Air-Cooled Chillers

High efficiency and low noise are the hallmarks of all our air-cooled chillers. With thermal energy storage, our chillers can also provide water-cooled efficiency on design days, without the added cost, maintenance and complexity of a water-cooled system.


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