The electric grid is rapidly changing, as concerns about climate change and renewable resources increase. Intermittent solar and wind resources need to be stored when the sun isn't shining or the wind isn't blowing. Buildings that have the ability to store energy and the agility to modify operational processes will have an advantage to help owners partner with local utilities and to provide energy storage assets to help support and meet their financial and sustainability goals. Trane® Energy Storage Solutions can help.


Your Energy Storage Partner

Leveraging Trane energy storage technologies can help improve how power supply is managed, creating a more resilient energy system by increasing your building's energy agility for greater sustainability and profitability, while reducing grid dependency. Trane offers a number of energy storage solutions to help our customers meet their objectives. Solutions include thermal energy storage (ice or chilled water storage), batteries, and industrial process and flow management solutions.

With growing industry pressure to de-carbonize, energy storage can make the difference for you. Thermal energy storage works like an HVAC “battery" for your building. It can store and recover thermal energy, charging and discharging depending on building operation, utility rates/programs or availability of renewable resources to optimize your savings, while increasing your sustainability.

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    Decarbonize with energy storage! Thermal energy storage can increase the dispatchability of on or off-site renewables, which can help you with net-zero energy designs while meeting renewable energy targets.

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    Lower utility bills

    Energy storage can save you money on utility bills. With thermal energy, store a portion of your cooling requirements to off-peak and you can reduce more expensive peak electricity charges. In some markets, you may even get paid to free up more power on the grid!

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    Optimize building operations and energy usage by adapting to changing grid conditions. With thermal energy storage, you can have extra cooling on stand-by during chiller maintenance or for a quick cool down.

The Voice of Experience

Thermal Energy Storage solutions are some of the most sustainable forms of energy storage. Trane is proud to have delivered more than 1 gigawatt of ice-based thermal energy storage worldwide.


Explore our thermal energy storage offerings below

 See how you can optimize your HVAC system:


Next Gen: CALMAC Model C Energy Storage Tanks

Developed in response to customer requests for more convenient siting of energy storage tanks, these second-generation tanks offer multiple sizing options. Benefits:They can be bolted to each other which eliminates most external piping and results in a 20 percent smaller footprint requirement and more siting arrangement flexibility, cutting installation cost and time of installation. Ideal for: Larger commercial and institutional buildings.

The Classic: CALMAC® Model A Energy Storage Tanks

Our high-quality and pioneering approach to incorporating thermal energy storage into a full chiller plant system, quickly made the classic Model A energy storage tank the "gold standard" for the thermal energy storage industry after its 1979 introduction. Benefits: Connects individually to distribution piping  Ideal for: Smaller installations

Energy Storage Systems

Trane offers a portfolio of systems that help you decarbonize, manage energy costs and provide resiliency. These premier systems are built on Trane expertise in chiller, controls, service and thermal energy storage.

Trane System Completion Module

While thermal energy storage may provide an ideal solution, designing a thermal energy storage system can require some special considerations to maximize its value. Benefits: Provides a streamlined user experience. Ideal for: Air-cooled chiller plants. Engineers focused on reducing risk and engineering cost. Building owners focused on simple monitoring solutions.

CALMAC Glycol Management System

The CALMAC Glycol Management System (GMS) maintains the proper volume of coolant in a building circulating loop. Benefits: Get up and running quicker with easy solution mixing. Extend system performance and reduce downtime. Ideal for: Contractors and facility operators who need a simple, reliable coolant management system.

CALMAC Plate Heat Exchanger

The CALMAC Plate Heat Exchanger can carefully transfer thermal energy between two dissimilar fluids. Benefits: Our product design can provide ease of maintenance and a closer temperature approach for higher efficiency. Ideal for: Applications where cross contamination is a critical concern or where space is constrained.


Thermal and Battery Energy Storage

While it can be tempting to equate energy storage only with electrochemical batteries, thermal storage may be ideal for transforming your building.

Your building can store energy using two types of loads: thermal and electrical. Try to store the energy in the same form that it will be consumed since that is the more efficient and cost effective method. In other words, use electric storage to meet electric loads and thermal storage to meet thermal loads.  

Thermal Energy Storage

Stores thermal energy, mainly for heating and cooling

30-Year Lifespan

Proven Technology

99 percent recyclable

Electrochemical Storage



Produces electrons, which can be used with any device

Takes up less space per unit energy compared to Thermal Battery Cooling systems

Provides backup power

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