Your Building with a Better View

Tracer® Ensemble® provides the ultimate user experience by combining custom reporting and dashboards to view and optimize assets. Easily access alarms, setpoints, and schedules from virtually anywhere through a secure remote access. Additionally, with Ensemble you have access to Tenant Services™ and Work Order Management to maximize your occupants' comfort while minimizing stressful procedures.

Integrate Your Systems

Buildings are full of hidden potential to be more comfortable, more sustainable, and more influential to your mission. Tracer® SC+ with its easy-to-use Synchrony® Interface taps into this potential by making the connections between technology and people more intuitive and complete.

Lighting Solutions

Control over half of your building’s energy use by integrating your lighting system with one simple-to-use interface.

Factory Mounted Controls

Bringing you Trane® engineering expertise with our straight out-of-the-box solutions. Using our preprogrammed equipment controllers which are factory-installed on our equipment. This can lead to faster construction cycles, less risk, and higher quality.


Our standard equipment controls can easily integrate with any building automation system, but for improved performance and efficiency, pair with Trane Controls Systems.

Remote & Reliable

This new module now supports cellular connectivity directly. It allows for improved security, a simplified installation, and allows factory solution for controller connectivity to the Trane cloud for Trane Connect remote access and data collection.

Wireless & Secure

With Air-Fi® Wireless, you can create the reliable, flexible system you want without the wires. It also allows for easy BAS infrastructure updates by allowing a phased approach based on your timeline.