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Managing multiple facilities? Get an online, enterprise-wide view and control over all your buildings and systems from any PC, tablet, or web-connected device on your network. Tracer® Enterprise Management solutions integrate easily with other systems via BACnet IP, giving you the information you need to make enterprise-wide decisions for optimized performance.

Trane®’s premier web-based building management systems eliminate the complexity of managing multiple building systems across multiple sites, from a PC, tablet, or smartphone virtually anywhere, anytime.

Enterprise-level building management software for facility professionals. Tracer Ensemble™ simplifies the management of building systems within multiple facilities for owners, managers, and daily operators. Tracer Ensemble provides centralized management of scheduling and alarms, supports long-term data storage to document and monitor performance, facilitates tenant billing, work orders, and preventative maintenance, enables remote troubleshooting, and brings disparate systems together for upgrade flexibility. And because Tracer Ensemble offers full browser support, you can access your facility from wherever you are from your PC, tablet, or smartphone.

Tracer® Ensemble™

Tracer® Ensemble™ is a web-based building management system (BMS) that dramatically simplifies the complex requirements of managing and operating multiple facilities. Accessible from most PCs, tablets, and smartphones, Tracer Ensemble provides immediate access to your building systems from virtually any location, allowing you to maintain comfortable, healthy conditions and satisfied occupants.

Tracer® Synchrony®

Tracer® Synchrony® user interface is so easy to navigate and use, it keeps the full potential of Tracer SC+ accessible — forever — by eliminating the need for repeated operator training. Even experienced operators will find they can do more: Tasks that used to be complex have been simplified into a few intuitive clicks.