Tracer® SC+

Tracer® SC+

Tracer® SC+

Key Features:

  • Low-risk repeatable factory-engineered applications
  • Remote access that is simple and secure
  • Seamlessly connects to Intelligent Services 
  • Tracer® Synchrony® user interface for installers, programmers, and operators 
  • Built on open standard protocols including BACnet
  • Backward compatibility support available for legacy control platforms
  • Variety of user interface options purpose-built to optimize the user experience

Consistency & Customization

Tracer® SC+ is a powerful building automation system for your facility that will integrate systems to simplify command and give you better control over comfort and energy efficiency. Trane® delivers its proven systems knowledge to every job through comprehensive, factory-engineered applications. Each application is customizable to allow for fine-tuning to meet the unique needs of each job.

Tracer SC+ ships with Tracer Synchrony® - a modern, intuitive User Interface (UI).

Existing & Future

Tracer® SC+ includes support for equipment from all generations. Built on a foundation of open, industry-standard protocols, including BACnet®, LonTalk®, and Modbus®, Tracer SC+ provides robust support for Trane® and non-Trane equipment. Legacy Trane and non-Trane proprietary equipment can be integrated through a simple communications bridge, allowing you to replace legacy equipment on a schedule that fits your budget.

Flexible & Optimized

Trane® has the ability to go significantly beyond traditional HVAC systems to optimize comfort and lifecycle costs. Lighting systems, energy meters, VFDs, and more can be utilized to provide more advanced algorithms. Tracer SC+ provides a robust backbone for even the most complex systems.

Enabled & Connected

Built-in, regularly-updated IT standards help you move forward with confidence. Once Tracer® SC+ is installed, we can help you optimize your building using data-driven operations, cloud analytics, and Intelligent Services. Connected buildings are more responsive to occupants and set new standards for sustainability.

Wireless & Secure

With Air-Fi® Wireless, you can create the reliable, flexible system you want without the wires. It also allows for easy BAS infrastructure updates by allowing a phased approach based on your timeline.

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