CO₂, Temperature, and Combination Temperature and Humidity



CO₂, Temperature, and Combination Temperature and Humidity


Sensor solutions for every application

Sensors for every building.

The complete family of Trane® sensors feature wired and wireless models dedicated to providing accurate, reliable sensing that is critical to keeping your HVAC systems running at optimum levels.

Our sensors have been developed to provide solutions for every application, from executive suites to cafeterias, classrooms to retail stores. Trane has the right sensors and solutions to help you provide occupant comfort and productivity.


CO₂ Senors

The Carbon Dioxide (CO2) sensor connects to a Tracer® building management system and the appropriate ventilation equipment.

The Trane® CO2 sensor measures and records carbon dioxide in parts per million (ppm) in occupied building spaces.

These carbon dioxide measurements are typically used to identify under-ventilated building zones and override outdoor airflow beyond design ventilation rates if the CO2 exceeds acceptable levels.

Temperature Sensors

Temperature sensors feature a full-line offering that provides flexibility for building occupants to choose various temperature and operating mode set points to meet their comfort levels.

Trane® offers a full line of wired and wireless temperature sensors. Wired temperature sensors are the suitable alternative for locations that cannot accommodate wireless sensors or that require a service tool connection. Wireless temperature sensors, which provide easy and flexible installation, are a cost effective alternative to wired sensors.

Combination Temperature and Humidity Sensors

Trane® combination sensors use a polymer capacitive sensing element, which provides superior performance and longevity.

Trane relative humidity and temperature sensors utilize a polymer capacitive-sensing element for reliable sensing accuracy and superb recovery from saturation. Temperature output is provided by a 10 kΩ, Type II thermistor. Both sensors are housed in a common enclosure for reduced installation costs and improved appearance.

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