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Integrated controls solutions to optimize any building.

November 03, 2021


Integrated. Secured. Optimized. What more could you ask for in a building? With Trane Building Management & Automation Systems, you’ll start asking “what else”?


At the base of every system, we provide an integrated and secure solution that meets the needs of your project or building, with the ability to optimize your HVAC equipment, lighting & more. 


Take back control of your building and achieve the operational excellence you and your customers are seeking. 

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Cybersecurity and Building Automation Systems

At Trane, we take cyber threats very seriously by integrating cybersecurity best practices into our entire line-up of building automation systems. Our controls are designed to proactively provide protection against incidents using tools such as encryption, multiple layers of access control and authentication to protect your data. 

Explore the best controls solutions for your project or building.

Solutions for Large Buildings & Campuses

Bring your building or campus to life with our secure, optimized, and integrated solutions.

Solutions for Small Buildings

Optimize the energy used in your building so you can invest your time and money in other areas.

Solutions for Light Commercial Contractors

Delight your customers with these integrated solutions that can also mitigate your risk during install.

Wireless Solutions

Create the reliable, flexible system you want without the wires.

Lighting Solutions

Control over 50% of your building’s energy use by integrating your lighting system with one simple-to-use interface.

Symbio® Equipment Controllers

Symbio® represents Trane’s natural evolution with digital equipment controllers that are designed for Trane’s high-performance HVAC equipment. The Symbio controller is factory programmed and wired for flexible and secure connectivity, life of the building flexibility, and productive serviceability.

Upgrade Your Controls

The old "if it works, don’t fix it" logic went out with the twentieth century. Technology is advancing at lightning speed, presenting new ways to manage systems easier and make buildings better.

Software Downloads

Do More, Know More, Accomplish More, with Trane® Controls

Equipment Controllers

Field and factory-installed devices to control your equipment

Explore our equipment solutions


A full line of both programmable and non-programmable thermostats to fit your needs.

Pivot® Smart Thermostat System

Commercial features enable you to manage comfort as a natural part of your day. Pivot® even provides the ability to control multiple buildings, so businesses can thrive in every location.

BACnet® Thermostats

Trane® Communicating Thermostats are ideal for existing building retrofits and controls upgrades when integration with a building automation system is desired.

Non-Communicating Thermostats

A full line of both programmable and non-programmable thermostats to fit most needs. Leveraging the intuitive user interface developed for our digital display sensor line, Trane® thermostats are easier to program and read. 


Power & Energy Meters and Sensors provide accurate and reliable data - the critical foundation to optimized Building Management Systems and Building Automation Systems.


The complete family of Trane® sensors feature wired and wireless models dedicated to providing accurate, reliable sensing that is critical to keeping your HVAC systems running at optimum levels.

Power and Energy Meters

The Trane® Series of Power and Energy Meters provide a unique solution for measuring energy data. They provide exceptional metering performance with a built-in integrator and power supply that delivers a cost-effective, easily installed solutions for power monitoring applications.