Introducing Synexis.

The revolutionary new technology designed to address viruses and bacteria hiding in our daily lives

Born to fight airborne and on surface microbes.

Trane is proud to engage with Synexis® the developer of innovative Dry Hydrogen Peroxide (DHP™) that fights different viruses, bacteria, mold, odors, and insects.

With proven effectiveness, DHP works continuously (24/7/365) to reduce the levels of microbes in any type of facility from the air and on surfaces – without anyone having to leave the room.

Synexis offers a simple, plug and play technology that does not require major system upgrades. And because it’s modular, it can grow with the changing needs of your space, especially as more people return to offices, schools and other commercial buildings.

Introducing Synexis

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Proven Efficacy. Demonstrated Safety.

Synexis is proven to effectively reduce contaminants in the air and on surfaces and its DHP™ concentrations fall far below acceptable limits for human exposure established by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration*, so you can feel good about the proactive steps you are taking to improve air quality and safety for the people who use your building. The technology is:

  • 3rd party-tested for efficacy at reducing air and surface-borne microbes.
  • UL 2998 validated for zero ozone emissions from air cleaners
  • Has no harmful chemicals or unpleasant odors.

Synexis is used by hospitals, schools, professional baseball franchises and more as a first line of defense against microbial contaminants.

Innovation at work

The patented Synexis technology harnesses the naturally occurring humidity (H2O) and oxygen (O2) that already exist in the air. Then it converts them into a dry gas form of hydrogen peroxide, known as DHP.  Since viruses, mold and bacteria need water to survive, the DHP (H2O2), which mimics the structure of water, attaches to harmful microbes and breaks them down - reducing their presence wherever air goes, even on surfaces. By reducing the presence of microorganisms, it also helps lower the opportunities for cross contamination and recontamination between affected and non-affected areas.

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The microbe-fighting machine designed to attack the viruses and bacteria hiding in our daily lives.


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*“Hydrogen Peroxide,” Occupational Safety and Health Administration, 2018,

Synexis Systems are regulated by the US Environmental Protection Agency and state governments as antimicrobial devices. Accordingly, our Systems are produced in an EPA-registered facility and packaged and labeled in accordance with EPA regulations appearing at 40 CFR 152.500.