Emergency cooling overcomes a sudden heat wave for a vaccination center

Project Highlights

Location: France

Industry: Healthcare

Rental Need: trane-commercial:trane-europe/rental-needed/comfort-cooling

Products Installed: 1 Rooftop unit

Cooling Capacity: 100 kW

Rental Duration: 12 weeks




Trane France is proud to contribute one more time in overcoming the Covid-19 virus. A vaccination center in the south of France needed an emergency rental solution to overcome the sudden heat wave and deliver thermal comfort while improving IAQ.


The local Rental Team quickly supplied the right unit to cool the large volume event center. A rooftop unit was quickly deployed delivering 100 kW comfort cooling to patients. 

Trane rooftop units cool the indoor space while delivering fresh air and increasing the number of air changes per hour.


The customer relies on our proven reliability and good customer relationship to provide the needed cooling system with fast deployment and excellent support. 

Vaccinations are now being delivered in an air-conditioned environment for staff and patient’s comfort.