Cooling hire

Cooling delivered – promptly, efficiently, reliably

For air conditioning or process cooling, many applications require cold air, cold water or brine at a variety of temperatures ranging from -40°C to +25°C. Trane Rental Services can deliver the cooling you need, in any form and capacity.

Cooling solutions for all applications and needs

Trane engineers can leverage our wide-ranging, modern and efficient fleet of chillers, air handling units and rooftops to deliver cooling in the most effective and reliable way. We don’t just deliver a chiller – we deliver cooling services and solutions.

  • Cooling capacity from 5 kW to 2 MW in a single piece

    Cooling capacity from 5 kW to 2 MW in a single piece

    We can deal with the smallest to the biggest need. When a single piece of equipment cannot reach the desired capacity or does not suit the space or application constraints, we set up a temporary plant with multiple units.

  • Wide temperature range

    Wide temperature range

    Our fleet can operate from -20°C to +80°C ambient temperature and deliver cold water and brine between -12°C and +25°C. Special units can go down to -40°C for the most demanding applications.

  • Trane reliability, efficiency and service coverage

    Trane reliability, efficiency and service coverage

    All our equipment is perfectly maintained according to the highest standards and our customers can count on our extensive network of service engineers for outstanding 24/7 support.

A wide range of equipment, always evolving

The Trane Rental fleet features the latest Trane chillers, rooftops and air handling units, equipped with quick connections for air, water and electricity and crash frames for better protection and handling.

The newest Trane products are quickly integrated into the fleet to offer our Rental customers the best performance and the most modern technology.

Air-Cooled Chillers

Air-cooled chillers are the most practical and compact solution when cold water or brine is required, as they integrate a condenser coil to dissipate the heat. We offer products from multiple platforms with different compressor technology to satisfy all kinds of requirements, from performance to noise levels.


Air Handling Units - AHU

An AHU is the ideal companion for a chiller as a way to cool the air using cold water. A combination of chillers and AHUs can perform the most complex of tasks with great flexibility and scalability. Small AHUs are very effective at distributing cooling or heating to multiple rooms or areas or implementing a uniform distribution in a single large space. They also offer the flexibility to adjust different areas to different temperatures and they can deal with high static pressure requirements.


For air conditioning, nothing is more practical and effective than a Trane rooftop unit, integrating all functions of cooling, heating and ventilation. Electrical power is the only input needed to operate a rooftop unit. Nothing else: no water and no fuel. Thanks to integrated fresh air and recirculation management, a Trane rooftop unit minimises losses and maximises system efficiency. 

Water-Cooled Chillers

Water-cooled chillers reject heat into water through the condenser. The heat can be either dissipated through a dry cooler or a cooling tower or recovered for heating purposes. Not having an integrated air-cooled condenser makes them very compact.



Dry Coolers

Dry coolers are water coils used to remove heat from a water-cooled chiller or to obtain “free cooling” with low ambient temperature conditions, when running a chiller can be avoided. The “free cooling” reduces running costs in the winter very effectively, especially for processes using water temperatures around 15-20°C, such as in data centres or the plastics industry. 

Product Models

  • Dry cooler 250kW
  • Dry cooler 500kW

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