44-315 kW

Main features

  • High efficiency hermetic scroll compressors with low vibration and sound levels and full internal overheating protections
  • External sheet metal parts are galvanized and finished with powder paint RAL 9002
  • Access panels are quickly removable using a square key and mounted handles
  • Designed for indoor and outdoor installation
  • Maximum condenser leaving water temperature: 60°C
  • 380, 400 and 415 V power voltage
  • 400/110 V transformer for the control
  • Phase & unbalanced detection

Customer benefits

  • Compact chiller with packaged hydraulic module for easier and faster installation
  • Perfect for a variety of comfort and industrial applications 
  • State of the art control to guarantee superior reliability for low cost of ownership

Range description

  • CGWN: packaged chiller
  • CCUN: condenserless chiller


  • High efficiency version
  • Soft starter
  • Evaporator with water pump command - single or double
  • Condenser with water pump command - single or double
  • Compressor sound attenuating jackets
  • High and low pressure gauges
  • Hydraulic module including:
    • Single or dual evaporator pump including water filter and pressure tabs
    • Speed inverter condenser pumps including flow control, condenser return and leaving water temperature
    • Combinations of hydraulic modules available: evaporator only, condenser only or both

Tracer™ CH530 Control

Adaptive Control™ microprocessor-based control featuring:

  • Easy-to-use operator interface
  • External linear reset, auxiliary and external water setpoint
  • Compressor kW limiting (optional)
  • Alarm indicator programmable relays (options)
  • Ice making controls (optional)
  • BACnetTM, LonTalk®, Modbus communication interface (optional)
  • Leaving condenser water temperature control (optional)

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