Tracer™ UC600

Multi-purpose programmable controller

The Tracer UC600 is a programmable BACnet unit controller that is designed to work with the Tracer SC and third-party BACnet systems. The Tracer UC600 has the I/O and size to meet the controls needs for air handlers, central plants, and other high-point count applications. When additional I/O is required, expansion modules are available (XM30, XM32, and XM70). The Tracer UC600 can be applied as a general field programmable as well as field mounted in a Trane air handler (order the factory terminal strip option). Full factory-mounting for air handlers is being planned and will be announced prior to availability. 

When associated with a TD7 local color touch screen display, UC600  offers a full flexible solution for managing advanced control schema, including time of day scheduling, alarm notification, operator timed overrides. TD7 interface can be fully customized with custom graphics.

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