Tracer™ UC400

Multi-purpose programmable controller

The Tracer UC400 is a programmable BACnet unit controller that is designed to work with the Tracer SC and third party BACnet MS/TP systems. The UC400 has the I/O and size to meet the controls needs for VAV, fan coil, blower coil, unit ventilators, small air handlers, valves, boiler sequencing, and other general I/Os. When additional I/O is required, expansion modules are available (XM30, XM32, and XM70).

Uses a common repeatable, consistent platform, providing greater flexibility on VAV boxes. Tracer UC400 is an ideal solution when special sequences are required. Standard software applications come preloaded at the factory, simplifying field installation. Supports factory and field mount, graphical programming and BACnet protocol and is UUKL listed.

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