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EaaSy Upgrade

Keep upgrading to the highest efficiency level

When cooling or heating demand is all year round, a Trane EaaSy solution is the ideal choice. The customer’s HVAC system is regularly upgraded to stay in line with the highest-efficiency technology as it is introduced to the market.

Partnering to reduce energy intensity

EaaSy by Trane Rental Services is the best solution for high-intensity cooling and heating needs. The energy efficiency gains make a big difference in reducing both electricity or fuel bills and the related CO2 footprint.

  • Stay on the cutting edge of technology

    Stay on the cutting edge of technology

    With EaaSy, you are entitled to replace your equipment with a more efficient unit every five years. This means at a much faster pace than a typical ownership model would allow. At Trane, we have managed to double our chiller efficiency in the last five years, offering customers a massive opportunity for savings.

  • Your uninterruptible cooling and heating supply

    Your uninterruptible cooling and heating supply

    With EaaSy, we take all the risk and you get all the services. In case of failure, Trane Rental Services will restore cooling and heating supply as quickly as possible, meeting the most ambitious service level, either by repairing or replacing the unit.

  • Trane reliability, efficiency and service coverage

    Trane reliability, efficiency and service coverage

    All our rental equipment is perfectly maintained according to the highest standards. Our customers can count on our extensive network of service engineers for outstanding 24/7 support. It’s all included.

A valid concept for the most demanding customers and applications

Industrial processes typically run all year-round. The efficiency of heating and cooling plants has a significant impact on costs and overall business performance. At the same time, an interruption in the cooling or heating supply would cause major financial risks. This is where EaaSy by Trane Rental Services comes in – delivering the best possible efficiency and the strongest security of supply.

Ideal for process cooling or heating applications

Industry process cooling

Industry process cooling

Cold water or brine are essential elements of many industrial processes, from food processing to plastic manufacture through to pharmaceutical production. The energy costs for cooling directly impact margins and competitiveness.

Warehouses and space cooling and heating

Warehouses and space cooling and heating

Space cooling and heating are separately two seasonal needs, but when we look at them together, they become an all-year-round application. Heat pumps, either hydronic or via rooftops, are ideal to cover four-season requirements. Make an EaaSy step into thermodynamics and the advantages of heat pumps.

Data centres

Data centres

Data centres require massive amounts of cooling all year round to operate. As with all fast-growing businesses, competition is keen and operating costs need to be cut to a minimum. Considering the importance of data and internet access for customers, downtime is simply not an option in this sector. Adjust your capacity needs with Trane EaaSy.


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