TVR-5G Outdoor

VRF systems








Main features

  • Excellent Performance / High Efficiency / Minimum Power Consumption
  • High efficiency DC inverter compressor
  • High efficiency DC fan
  • Optimized fan design
  • High efficiency heat exchanger
  • Wide Operation
    • -5C to 27C in heating mode (-15C in option)
    • -15C to 48C in cooling mode
  • Wide portfolio
    • Outdoor units: up to 250 kW
    • Indoor units: more than14 types and  more than 100 models
  • Allow Connectivity Ratio between 50% and 130% of the combined indoor units capacities
  • Up to 64 indoor units can be connected with the outdoor units in one system
  • Fresh Air System-Heat Recovery Ventilator
  • Wide array of individual and centralized controllers

Customer benefits

  • Enhanced Comfort
    • Night silent operation Mode
    • Lowest noise down to 46.8dB
    • Various mode selection (Heating vs. cooling)
  • Easy Installation and Service
    • Indoor unit auto addressing
    • Simple communication wire
    • Changeable static pressure of outdoor fan
    • Convenient electronic control check window
    • outdoor unit diagnostic software
  • High Reliability
    • Cycle operation of outdoor units
    • High efficiency oil balance technology
    • Intelligence oil return program
  • Long Piping Length
  • Easy Selection Software


  • Outdoor Units
    • Functional Type Outdoor Unit
      • Cooling only
      • Heat pump
      • Heat Recovery /3 Pipes
    • Temperature Application
      • Standard Ambient below 52C
      • High Ambient Model above 52C
    • Electric power supply
      • 220-240 Volt / 50Hz / 1ph
      • 380-415 Volt / 50 Hz / 3ph
      • 380-415 Volt / 60 Hz / 3ph
  • Indoor units
    • 1-Way Cassette
    • 4-Way Compact Cassette (650mm x 650mm)
    • 4-Way Standard Cassette (950mm x 950mm)
    • 2-Way Cassette
    • Fresh Air Duct Type
    • Low Static Pressure Duct Type
    • Medium Static Pressure Duct Type
    • High Static Pressure Duct Type
    • Cosole Floor Mount
    • Convertible Floor / Ceiling Mount
    • High Wall Type Mount

Indoor Units Offering Summary



  • Independent control box that can connect a AHU to TVR system to realize centralized control with TVR system
  • Auxiliary electric heater
  • Integrated EXV
  • Hotel card key interface module
    • Digital Power Meter
    • Remote alarm controller
    • Infra-red sensor controller


  • Wide portfolio of control Systems
    • Wireless remote controller
      • Portable device
      • Simplified user interface
      • Background light
      • Built-in timer
      • Easy setting addressing
    • Wired Controller
      • Follow me function for better comfort
        • High Ambient Model above 52C
      • Air filter cleaning reminding
      • Silent mode to reduce running noise
      • Locking wired controller
      • Easy connection
    • Centralized Controller
      • Indoor unit working status display
      • Air filter cleaning reminding function
      • Stylish design
      • Single/unified control
      • Easy installation
      • Access to network monitoring
      • Weekly schedule centralized
  • Trane outdoor unit diagnosis software
    • Display the outdoor units’ real-time running conditions.
    • Automatically outputs running status charts
  • Available interface: BACnetTM, LonTalk®, Modbus communication capabilities

Video: TVR-5G (full version)

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