Condensing units

Condensing units designed with your needs in mind

Trane split systems represent a totally new approach to designing our condensing units. Our mission was to create a system that would meet your job requirements every time.

An indoor section and matching outdoor section are connected by refrigerant tubing (hence the name "split"). The indoor section consists of a fan, indoor cooling coil, heating section, and filter while the outdoor section houses the compressor and condenser. Energy performance is similar to packaged rooftop systems with greater installation flexibility; it’s a combination for reliable operation and easy service.

Trane’s experienced design team used the newest computer technology and an entirely new manufacturing process to develop a new standard in split systems.

The Trane reputation for quality and reliability in split system air conditioners coupled with improvements in efficiency, flexibility and installation ease offers you systems that will give you exceptional value for your money.


The absence of dead volume at the end of the compression cycle ensures better performance. The absence of fragile moving parts, such as springs and valves, also means that this performance is maintained over the system’s operating lifetime.