Tracer™ CH 535

The CH535 chilled water temperature control is fulfilled through a microprocessor based controller, monitoring water and refrigerant temperature as long as refrigerant pressure.

The Micropocessor based controller is supplied factory mounted, fully wired, configured and tested in factory. The controller ensures compressor and fan sequence (load control), fault detection, diagnostic and supervision.

Main features

  • High and low refrigerant pressure protection
  • Load limit control to limit compressor loading on high return water temperature
  • Condenser fan sequencing with automatically cycling in response to ambient condensing pressure
  • Compressors anti-short cycle timer protection adjustable
  • Automatic compressor lead-lag, to even out run hours and compressors starts
  • Phase reversal/single phasing protection
  • Low ambient lockout control with adjustable set point
  • Integrated RS485 serial port to allow BMS connectivity
  • Options for communication protocols: ModBus, LonTalk and BACnet should be available

The user display interface allows complete graphic management through icons and touchscreen display:

  • LCD display, 6 navigation buttons
  • Clear messages, 15 languages
  • EXV: Electronic eXpansion Valves
  • Customer com package: ext. chilled water setpoint, ext. demand limit, analog capacity output, programmable relays
  • Loss of refrigerant charge (2015)
  • Leaving chilled water setpoint adjustment
  • Entering and leaving water temperatures display
  • Condenser pressure per citcuit
  • Suction pressure per circuit
  • Air ambient temperature
  • Condensing temperature per circuit
  • Suction temperature per circuit

Safety control readouts on the user display:

  • Low chilled water temperature detection
  • High refrigerant pressure
  • Loss of chilled water flow
  • Contact to external shut-down per circuit
  • Motor current overload
  • Phase reversal/unbalance/single phasing
  • Failure of leaving water temperature sensor used to drive the set point
  • Compressor status (on/off)

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