Chiller Plant Manager

Fully Scalable and Adaptable Contol with Detailed Management Dashboards

Trane Chiller Plant Manager is an advanced control solution recommended for chiller plant applications with multiple chillers. System components must work in harmony to maximize comfort, compliance and performance. In addition to controlling the chillers, the Chiller Plant Manager also controls and sequences all components of the chiller plant.


  • Reduced energy and operating costs up to 20%
  • Easy performance management
    • Features such as Data Trending can be tracked and repeated to manage multiple facilities
  • Improved sustainability
    • Gained intelligence from the system provides ways to manage environmental footprint
  • Demonstrated performance
    • Detailed dashboards allow accurate monitoring of system performance and proactive maintenance
Low Ambient Lock-out Prevents the plant from operating below a preset external ambient temperature
Failure Recovery Management  Automatically starts the next chiller in the sequence if one in operation fails
Advanced System Control  Ensures only the required components are operating to meet a system load
Programmed Maintenance  Advises when maintenance is due, based on elapsed time or run time
Remote Operation  Provides browser and application support for both tablets and mobile phones
Remote Alarming Generates customizable alarms and delivers notification via email
Data Trending  Displays key trends graphically for rapid interpretation and can generate dashboards
Hydraulic optimization Optimizes pump pressure, chiller tower operation, free cooling and heat recovery control
Scalability The solution is fully scalable to meet the demands of the most complex installation

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