Chiller Plant Architecture

Trane chiller plant controls architecture is built around core high technology components. Our control technologies are scalable for water-cooled or air-cooled chiller plant infrastructures.

Tracer® SC+ and Synchrony™ System Controller

Allows you to streamline facility management without reinventing the entire system. Adding Tracer SC+ and Synchrony to your system provides a flexible, cost effective solution for programming and managing chiller plants that can extend to any HVAC equipment. Accessible from any PC, tablet or connected device, Tracer SC/Synchrony™ eliminates the need for a dedicated computer and monitor, so you can manage system performance whenever, wherever it is convenient.

Tracer® UC400 Programmable Controller

Tracer UC400 is an ideal solution when special sequences are required. Standard software applications come preloaded at the factory, simplifying field installation.

Tracer® UC600 Programmable Controller

A programmable BACnet unit controller designed to work with the Tracer SC and third-party BACnet MS/TP systems. The UC600 has the I/O and size to meet the controls needs for multiple pump arrangements, cooling towers, dry coolers and central plants.

Tracer® TD7 Color Touchscreen Display

A 7 inch diagonal color touchscreen designed for both indoor and outdoor use. This visually intuitive solution makes it quicker and easier than ever to access the reliable control offered by the Tracer UC600.

Built on BACnet®

Tracer controls are built on the open BACnet® data communication protocol. Install Trane Tracer controls today, and you’re ready for the future integration of additional building automation devices, from both Trane and other suppliers.

Chiller Plant Controls

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