Emergency cooling transforms a hospital gym into a Covid center

Project Highlights

Location: Italy

Industry: Healthcare

Rental Need: trane-commercial:trane-europe/rental-needed/comfort-cooling

Products Installed: 2 Rooftops IH 085

Cooling Capacity: 170 kW

Rental Duration: 3 months




Throughout Europe, Trane provides cooling solutions to open Covid-19 vaccination locations. A hospital in Italy needed an emergency rental solution to convert their gym into a new vaccination center. 


Trane Rental Services quickly deployed the needed cooling system with two rooftop units delivering thermal comfort while improving IAQ. 

The Trane rooftops are cooling the indoor space while delivering 100% fresh air and increasing the number of air changes per hour.


Vaccinations are now being delivered in an air-conditioned environment for staff and patient’s comfort. 

Trane provided the best solution in a limited time and made the difference by its reactivity and flexibility.