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Trane High Efficiency Hotel Solutions

Energy is the second highest operating cost component in the lodging industry and 50% to 80%* of these costs are related to HVAC system operation. Hoteliers and other hospitality managers must balance this concern with the imperative of providing visitors with high and consistent levels of comfort, not just in terms of temperature, but air quality and acoustics. Finally, systems must meet the often very different demands of different areas of a facility, from food preparation to auditoriums to swimming pools.

Intelligent system design can balance all these concerns. Trane airside and waterside options capture energy that would otherwise be lost in one area and use it in another, turning a facility’s differing environments to their cost and energy-efficiency advantage – without compromising comfort.

When reliability is critical, Trane experts also provide detailed contingency solutions, including supplemental and back-up HVAC systems, stock equipment options and backup electric generation.

*European Commission

Building Your Brand

Trane hospitality solutions include a complete portfolio of flexible solutions. Our technology helps property management teams, hotel brands, franchisees and property owners provide customized comfort, optimize air quality and reduce operating costs to support a positive guest experience.

Guest Satisfaction

Trane solutions allow you to accommodate the needs of all your guests. From quiet in-room comfort to rapidly load-responsive event venues, our advanced technology integration supports personalized service at every level.

Property Operations

Trane offers system improvements ranging from chiller system optimization to state-of-the-art building automation. These advanced technologies can help you to optimize guest comfort while minimizing energy costs and environmental impact.

When planned shutdowns, emergencies or seasonal temperature peaks occur, Trane Rental Services have the expertise and equipment to minimize the risk of discomfort for guests and staff.

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