CH536 Controller Airfinity

Trane’s all-new CH536 microprocessor controller provides rooftop unit control for heating, cooling, and ventilating for superior comfort, unmatched reliability and much greater flexibility than conventional systems. Its built-in intelligent logic controls heating and cooling staging, minimum run times, diagnostics, heat pump defrost control, short cycle timing and more.

Trane CH536 Features & Benefits:

  • Provides unit control for heating, cooling, and ventilating using input from sensors that measure outdoor and indoor temperature
  • Improves quality and reliability through the use of time-tested microprocessor controls and logic
  • Prevents the unit from short cycling, considerably improving compressor life
  • Reduces the number of components required to operate the unit, thereby reducing possibilities for component failure
  • Uses variable airflow control based on heating or cooling demand for enhanced energy savings
  • Eliminates the need for field-installed components with its built-in anti-short-cycle timer, time delay relay and minimum “on” time controls. These controls are factory tested to assure proper operation.
  • As an energy benefit, softens electrical ‘’spikes’’ by staging on fans, compressors and heaters.
  • Adaptive Control is a benefit to the building occupant. If a component goes astray, the unit will continue to operate at predetermined temperature set points.

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